Welcome Comrade!

The squirrels are taking over! They are everywhere. You have seen them in your yards, under your cars( chewing the brake cables no doubt ), and in the government! Who will save the world from this abomination? The ASC and its many allies. Our Kentucky Chapter(now the national HQ) has fought the bushytail for some time now. We are SLM. Our job is to put the bushytail and his children under the knife to let him know that his seed is truly dead.

There is Hope!

The ASC grows strong. Many have joined in the good fight against the satanic, non-american, non-apple pie loving, non-smoking, communist tree rats! Missions are under way in the U.S. right now aimed at stamping out the stench of the bushytails. You can join in this fight. There is plenty of killing to go around. Grab your favorite weapon and run out into the nearest squirrel operations center (known by some as forests), and surge and purge till your hearts content. Read on and see the truth about these tree rodents.


Enter the ASC!


Click here to flee in terror!

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