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Results for "Is "Conkers Bad Fur Day" N64 game a good or bad thing for the ASC?"
Created 17:28 03/08/2001

Choice Votes %
Good! - Will show the public the immoral and diabolical habits of the Evil Bushytail! 58 47.5%
Very bad! - Tree Rat propaganda! Another insidious squirrel plot to endear themselves to our children! 45 36.8%
What the?! - I just landed on this planet and have no idea what this is about. 11 9%
Kinda good- Sure you're helping Conkers home, but anything the squirrel does bad is good for the ASC. 7 5.7%
Kinda bad - Well you are trying to help out a busytail, but hey, its only a game. 1 0.8%
Dont Know - I can't make up me puny mind. 0 0%
Total 122 100%
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