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July 5, 2002 1500 EST
Todd"I Hate Owensboro" is married! We celebrated with much expendature of ammunition and booze. Oh and the squirrel brain stew was exquisite...
June 17, 2002 1500 EST
Todd "I Hate Owensboro" is getting married July 5! Me, Mike "Big Guns", Matt "Mudpuppy", and Chad "Beer!" left the streets of Nashville awash in booze, panties, and squirrel blood during this weekends bachelor party.
May 2, 2002 0000 EST
Mike"One Shot" sends us a tale of triumph from Maine! Check it out and other stories here.
April 29, 2002 2215 EST
Suicide squirrels at Stanford! Check it out and other new news articles here.
April 21 , 2002 1700 EST
Uploaded new site layout! Posted an answer to the peanut oil question at the email section here.


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