Our local University Of Kentucky newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, finally acknowledges the growing threat! While the professor in the article comes off as a squirrel apologist, it is a first step. Read the entire article here (warning: large image 96k)

Annual Field Report to the Academy of Natural History on Evolutionary Behaviour of Sciurus carolinensis

We are in the middle of the peak months for squirrel road fatalities again. The body count is high. Small carcasses dot the asphalt. Ravens use these little grey road bumps much like social clubs, catching up on avian gossip and exchanging jokes while snacking on crêpe d’ asphalte. “Hey, know why the chicken crossed the road?….to show the squirrel it could actually be done!

Read the rest of this ground breaking report from L.G.A. Manofsky Esq. here

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June 30, 2006

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June 29, 2006

FINALLY updated the site. I have been hunting Taliban squirrels in Afghanistan for the past year and have not had time to make changes. Hopefully I will update this page more frequently when I return home.

January 27, 2004

You have voted! Britany Spears will be fed to rabid squirrels! Martha Stewart came in a close 2nd. View results here.

November 26, 2003
You have voted! Mr T is our new celebrity representative. I pity the fool who don't love the ASC! View results here! Finally updated site with new mail and a ASC Poll archive.


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